A tall water tower with some white clouds and blue sky behind it. Pahokee is written on the side of it


A circular logo mark that reads, Pahokee Florida, with a circle and 4-point star in the center

Nestled in the Everglades just southeast of Lake Okeechobee sits Pahokee, a land like no other.

Our Otherland is an extremely fertile area in Southern Florida. We embrace and nourish all things grown from our fertile soil, and our Society is no exception.
For over 100 years, generations of pioneering families have worked their tears and triumphs into the rich soil that provides nourishment to the stunning wildlife and earnest community.

Our local legends inspire all while herons glide by, leading us toward a life slowed down.

A cocktail sitting on a bar with bottles of rum
Pahokee, Florida

Owned & Operated

We are a fourth generation farming family who have helped grow our Otherland for over one hundred years. Our goal is to share their history and love of premium rum with the world.